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Cheap rental cars in Aruba

Are you looking for a cheap rental car in Aruba? We have several cars available for you. Whether you want to rent for a day or several months, there is always a car available. Cars such as a Hyundai i10 or a Toyota aygo fall within the budget class. These cars are perfect for exploring the island! The island is about 33 kilometers long, so you can drive from one side of the island to the other in less than an hour. It is therefore smart to rent a simple and cheap car. After all, you only drive small pieces.

The best prices for cheap rental cars

We compare several providers in order to arrive at the best offer for you. Renting a cheap car in Aruba has never been so easy! Given the attractive prices of the rental cars, it is wise to always do this. Public transport is not good in Aruba and you do not want to depend on taxis.

cheapest rental cars in aruba

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Rent a cheap car for the long term

Many people who come to Aruba for a longer period of time, for example to work, study or do an internship, benefit from extra low prices. When you need a car for the long term, the costs are a lot lower than if you rent for a period of a week or a few days.

If you are going to Aruba for a longer period of time, it is always good to negotiate the price. There are many rental companies that would like someone to rent a car for a few months.

cheap rental cars in aruba